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BK Purge control valve replacement

Forum 3 I BK BK Purge control valve replacement

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2017-06-22 16:22:50

P0455 Diagnose Replace Purge Control Valve Mazda 3 √  |  More info

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A friend was having trouble every time she fills up her gas tank. After every full tank of gas, the car will not start. It will just turn over. She would have to wait a couple of minutes and try again, and when it does start, it will have a rough idle for a couple seconds.

PROBLEM: The purge control valve is stuck open. When filling with gas, the vapors and/or some fuel will go into the intake manifold.

So during start-up, the stuck open purge control valve allows unmetered air/fuel gets sucked into the intake manifold because vacuum it produces. And that is why it is hard for it to start.

P2187 System Too Lean

P0442 Small Leak

Both popped up because of the large leak, P0455.

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