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GG Jerky automatic transmission fix

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2017-06-23 15:39:58

Fixing jerky automatic transmission and hesitation in acceleration 2006 Mazda 6  |  More info

Have you been experiencing troubles with your transmission? Does it take a full second after you step on the gas to accelerate. Is it hard shifting between gears? Then this video might be useful for you.

I did this project on my 2006 Mazda 6i and it worked very well. All I used was Mobil 1 synthetic ATF that works on all vehicles along with Lucas stop slip for transmissions.

A little history of my car:

Bought the car at 120,000 miles. Previous owner never changed the fluid. So the fluid was flushed at the dealership at 120,000. But at 137k (17k miles later).

But when I checked the fluid it was very black. I'm assuming that when the flush was done and new fluid was put in, it flushed the bad crud out of the transmission that was overdue which explains the black fluid.

I dropped the bolt and replaced the fluid that came out with lucas stabilizer slip fix and Mobil 1 synthetic ATF (compatible with any car).

I hope this solution works for all you guys/girls out there.