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2010-12-29 21:17:41

Hi guys, I am new at this...+ this is my first car. I got me a 2006 Mazda 6 (more than likely an 'I') a few months ago. The headlamps are stained, beyond repair, I can polish them and they return to the dull look in a few days. I have been searching for a replacement.

I have noticed that there has been discussion, however, what is the difference between the black and silver housing headlights. My car has a black housing....what happens if the silver housing is used?

2011-01-20 01:53:00

Nothing happens,the black housing headlights have been used after facelift in 2005,so the headlights with silver housing are "older" than the ones with may be problem with the wiring connectors,but I do not think so.

2012-02-06 19:22:59

Ive got real black housing. But I think it is not legal.