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LV Timing belt marks check & belt replacement

Forum MPV I LV LV Timing belt marks check & belt replacement

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2017-06-24 20:26:15

1997 Mazda MPV, Checking Timing Belt Marks  |  More info

2017-06-24 20:26:45

1994 Mazda MPV timing belt replacement, 6 cylinder DOHC 3.0  |  More info

I need this timing belt installed with proper tension, timing correct. The new belt is already on as you can see, but it's not tensioned. The hydraulic tensioner is retracted, with a pin in it (that's the hanging bungee cord's end). The upper and lower right of the 3 legs of that triangle gotta be pre-tensioned and in the right place before pulling that pin out of the hydraulic tensioner apparently. There is a piece of the shaft from a pot metal pulley puller stuch in the center of the crankshaft (in other words where the bolt goes that would keep that crank shaft pulley on.) Great if you can remove it somehow, but I'm more concerned about tensioning the timing belt, re-installing all other belts & fan, and starting it up. It should start up fine once that's together. It's apparently a NON-INTERFERENCE engine so the valves would not be bent (the old belt broke while driving). I have most bolts, screws etc. taped to their respective parts. The cables to the distributor are marked, etc. Don't worry too much about that. Again the main thing is to install the belt(s).

On a 1994 Mazda MPV, how do I pre-tension the two legs of the timing belt that are NOT tensioned by the tensioner pulley / hydraulic tensioner before I pull the pin in the hydraulic tensioner to bring the tensioner pulley in? I'm talking about the upper section and lower right section of the triangle that the timing belt makes. You can see video of what I'm talking about (on my van) at and look for Mazda MPV.

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