VIP membership - Advantages

VIP membership is intended for all members, who would like fully use all the functions of the club's web and they decided to support its operations and a subsequent development.

Thanks to this system and a blue star close to the username it will be easier to recognize, who mean the club seriously.

We try to do not flood web by lots of advertement, so logged in users see significantly less advertising than only visitors. VIP members does not see any (if they setup this option).

Obtain VIP membership


More messages - Higher number of messages in the Internal Club Mail archive (standard users 2 months, VIP 12 months). Older messages are automatically daily deleted for the server capacity saving reason.

Super power - Ability to send messages even to users who set the limitation "only friends + pairs + VIP + certified"

Switch of the advertisements - Option "Hide advertisement" in your profile settings

Manuals - 50% greater download limits for manuals (daily and long term)

Invisibility - Possibility to be invisible for other users (hide my On-Line status)

Super power - Possibility to track who is loggen in when

More visitors - Preferential listing - in the members list you will be at the beginning

Milder Anti-SPAM - Much more tolerant Anti-SPAM system thanks to the "Trusted user" VIP status

IQ Test - Free of charge and the result can be published on your profile

Super power - Access to the Discussion categories, where the access is restricted to only for VIP members

Super power - You can see who and how rated photos and videos of other users, too

Super power - Possibility to participate on votes which are limited to VIP members only

More photos - Personal gallery (photo-gallery and album in the user profile) ... unlimited count of photos (non-VIP have max. 500 photos)

AdBlock? - No problem - VIP users can use the website with AdBlock and similar extensions enabled.

Sharing on social networks - options to choose: Hide Facebook button at my profile to others, Do not show me Facebook button anywhere on the web

You will be informed preferably about the improvements and will be able to try them first of all

Guarantee, that at least one year the account will not be cancelled

Support the operation and further development of the club site

A blue star close to your username :-)

And other advantages you should be looking forward to them. If you have any idea what website improvement you would appreciate, simply contact our administrators.

Obtain VIP membership

VIP membership as a gift

Do you want to please someone with some small gift and have no idea what to give him ? Then the VIP membership is the ideal choice.

How to do it ? Open the profile of user you want to donate the VIP membership. There you will find a "Donate a VIP membership" button.

Termination of paid account

  • When there will be higher number of complaints the above mentioned advantages will be removed without any compensation.

  • After one year after payment (you will be notified in advance about expiration of this period)